Two Tone Necklaces

Most often when we think of two tone necklaces we picture lovely yellow and white gold or yellow and rose gold, in fact we think ‘gold.’ Actually, there are a number of other lovely two tone necklaces that are fashioned in other metals as well! For instance it is possible to get two tone silver necklaces, two tone stainless steel necklaces and even two tone rhodium necklaces! Some are set with stones, and others rely on the beauty and luster of the metal to be the attraction. In any case, there are many to choose from depending on style and purpose.

Two Tone Necklaces for Moms

Quite often two tone necklaces are chosen as a gift for a special lady (or man!) in your life. One of the most endearing two tone necklaces on the market is a lovely heart that is fashioned from a mother holding a baby, with the center being hollow.  The heads come together where the heart curves in at the center and it becomes a sign of both maternal as well as eternal love. This is the perfect gift to give for Mother’s Day or at the birth of a new child.

Precious Charms and Novelty Two Tone Necklaces
There are so many lovely charms and novelty pendants fashioned in two tone metals. Among the most popular are cats, crosses, dolphins, angel wings, winged crosses and circles of roses. Another popular two tone necklace is the lovely tree of life that is quite often crafted with silver and gold, or two tone gold. With either silver or gold, the color changes with the other metal in the alloy. That lovely rose gold you often see is colored by the amount of copper used and sometimes two tone gold necklaces are shades of rose.

Rhodium Two Tone Necklaces
Some of the most fashionable two tone necklaces are fashioned from rhodium plated steel, silver or gold, which makes the metal brilliant and sparkling white. The other tone is black plating so the two tone necklace is in black and white. This is often used for yin yang signs, Maltese or Celtic crosses, and fleur de lys. Quite often black and white rhodium two tone necklaces are studded with diamonds or other gems to add a sparkle of color.

Two Tone Necklaces with Gems

We tend to think that two tone necklaces are two tones of metal, but that isn’t always the case. Quite often the other ‘tone’ comes from a pattern of gems most often diamonds or rubies, but can also be sapphires, pearls, emeralds or any other stone as well. The metal may be in two tones, or the gem can add the second tone. In either case, a two tone necklace set with gems is quite exquisite.

Two Tone Chain Necklaces

While it is usually the charm or pendant on the necklace that is fashioned with varying tones, quite often the chain itself is crafted in two tones of the same metal, or two different metals altogether. White gold and yellow gold are common combinations, as are shades of rose, rose gold and yellow gold, or rose gold and white gold. The chains can be twisted with one rope being one color and the other a different tone. Sometimes it is a link chain where certain links are a different tone. Simple, yet elegant, two tone chain necklaces are stunning with or without a pendant.

Adding shades of color to the necklace almost precludes needing a gem, but sometimes a little something extra is called for. Usually rose tones are used when a stone is not called for, but even that is not necessarily always true. Some of the loveliest pieces are shades of rose with diamonds. It’s a matter of what strikes your fancy. With or without gems, two tone gold necklaces are quite breathtaking.

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