Two Tone Wedding Bands

Gold is the most popular metal for a wedding band. It has beauty, is durable, and maintains its value over time. Two tone rings are a more modern option, commonly consisting of two bands interwoven. Gold and silver together are a great combination, allowing the wearer to add other pieces of either metal without clashing. Wedding bands are an important investment and unlike other pieces of jewelry, are rarely removed.

The round shape of a wedding band is a natural choice to represent the eternal commitment of marriage. The choice of ring finger originates in ancient folklore that, what we know as the ring finger, is attached to a vein that leads to the heart.

Historical records show that the first civilization to use wedding bands was the ancient Egyptians. This was done approximately 4800 years ago and is still extremely popular today. When Egypt was conquered by the Roman Empire, the custom of wedding rings was spread. In ancient Rome, the metal of choice for a wedding ring was not gold or silver, but iron. Iron was preferred due to its strength and symbolized a strong commitment between spouses. However, iron was prone to rust. In ancient Middle Eastern civilizations, puzzle rings were used for marriage. The pieces were able to be fitted together and would collapse if removed. An intact ring was used as proof of fidelity, since if removed the ring would fall apart and be difficult to assemble.

Not all cultures exchange wedding rings at the ceremony. Many people of Eastern Orthodox faiths exchange rings at the betrothal instead. In modern times, the ring exchange is done right before the wedding ceremony in the prescience of the families and an authority figure.

Throughout history, the ring was not used as a symbol of undying love but a promise of shared wealth instead.

During the American Colonial times, Puritans considered jewelry to be a wasteful expense. Instead of exchanging rings, they had a more practical solution. Women cut the bottom from their sewing thimble and used it to create a ring. Silver became a popular alternative to the gold wedding band during the 17th century England. Silver posey rings were very fashionable at this time. The word “posey” means poem, the rings were used a symbol of a love poem. Commonly used for an engagement ring and later replaced with a gold band at the wedding ceremony.

Historically, only the bride received a wedding band. The custom of using a ring for each partner in a wedding is a recent tradition. Started in the late 19th century, the tradition of groom rings was the result of an effective marketing campaign by the American jewelers. Not long after, almost 80% of weddings consisted of two rings.

Two tone wedding bands are mostly the combination of silver and gold. However, they can also be other metals such as white gold, platinum, and palladium. Another variation is using rose gold instead of yellow. The copper alloy in rose gold gives is a rosy color and makes a great partner for silver or white gold. Two tone rings can also be one tone on the outside with a different on the inside. The prongs for the stone setting may also be the second tone on your ring. There are many ways to work two metals into one ring design. Pink gold is a popular option for a womens rings, and titanium is popular for men’s.

Gold is believed to calm the strong energy in a stone. It is thought to bring a balance to the piece of jewelry. Silver, however, magnifies the properties of the stone that it accompanies. It is thought to have a strong connection to the Moon and light in general. Gold has a strong relationship with the Sun and represents strength. This strength is helpful for healing physical ailments and spiritual ones. Gold has been ingested as medicine to remove impurities. Silver was commonly used to create instruments used in rituals and healings. Both metals are believed to have the ability to conduct energies.

Both gold and silver jewelry includes alloys. These can be negatively affected by chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, and other household solutions. Clean with warm soapy water to remove dirt. Your local professional jeweler is also able to clean your ring safely. The best way to store your ring is in a box that is lined with fabric. Velvet is a popular choice though others may be used. A box with separate compartments is useful since it will prevent your rings from scratching other pieces of jewelry.

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