Two Tone Wedding Rings

Two tone wedding rings are regarded as some of the most stylish and attractive types of wedding rings. The main reason many people choose to purchase a two tone wedding ring is the fact that they are able to match the majority of other jewelry, regardless of color. These rings will typically have two completely separate colors that have been produced from two different metals. Amongst the most popular combinations include 10 carat gold and sterling silver, 14 carat white and yellow gold, 18 carat yellow gold and platinum, or even titanium and gold. There are various styles to choose from and two tone wedding rings are often considered to be unique as they are generally custom-made.

You may often find certain embellishments that have been inscribed into the surface of a two tone wedding ring. Popular designs include chains, ropes, braids, Infinity knots, Celtic cross and cross hatchings. Not only will these additions add appeal and attractiveness, they will commonly also have a certain hidden meaning to you and your spouse. The types of metals that you wish to use to customize your two tone wedding ring will have an impact on price. You will typically find that sterling silver and 10 carat yellow gold will offer the least expensive option, whereas 18 carat yellow gold and platinum will obviously cost a lot more. With that said, the more you are willing to spend on a two tone wedding ring, the more sophisticated it is likely to look.

To give you a general idea of the expense, you should be able to purchase a sterling silver and 10 carat yellow gold two tone wedding ring that is approximately 6 mm wide for $165. A 14 carat gold 8mm two tone wedding ring, that has a hammered band and rope edges, will cost in the region of $475, whereas a platinum and 18 carat gold ring is likely to cost in excess of $1500. Therefore, it is vitally important that prior to purchasing a two tone wedding ring that you are fully aware of your budget and how much you are willing to spend.

There are numerous advantages to owning a two tone wedding ring, although their durability and overall beauty is what attracts most people. This, and the fact that they are able to match pretty much any form of existing jewelry you may own. As mentioned, the vast majority of jewelers will allow you to customize your two tone wedding ring to your own exacting specifications. This is your opportunity to perhaps have something engraved that is both romantic and meaningful to both you and your spouse.

Potentially one of the most popular styles of two tone wedding rings is interlocking rings. The basic design will allow for two different types of bands or rings to be interwoven and combined into one simple ring. The most common use for interlocking rings is to actually combine an engagement ring and wedding band into one beautiful and memorable looking ring. The stunning contrast will definitely make your ring stand out from the crowd, and these specific styles are compatible for men’s and women’s wedding rings.

Two tone wedding rings will typically be fairly expensive, as has already been mentioned. However, many brides and grooms are known to opt for alternative, and less expensive, metals. There are various options to choose from, although a popular choice may be a mixture of stainless steel and titanium. This type of two tone wedding ring will, obviously, be far less expensive than the vast majority of precious metals, but are still aesthetically pleasing. You are able to purchase a stainless steel and titanium two tone wedding ring that can be mixed with yellow gold. This will still definitely blend extremely well, it will remain very strong and durable, and most importantly it will be relatively inexpensive in comparison to many of the other two tone rings.

Two tone wedding rings have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, and at a guess, this will have something to do with the fact that they are possibly the most unique type of jewelry you can own. You literally have so many variations and options of two different colored rings that you are bound to find something more pleasing than the traditional single wedding band. This is your opportunity to be different and original. One thought that you may wish to consider is putting an extremely clever twist on the typical engraved wedding rings. This may involve designing a set of two tone wedding rings that have your specific names, and the dates of your wedding or engagement, or even both, appearing on the outside of the rings. To add a further twist you may wish to have these engraved in a completely different color from the ring itself.

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