Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage engagement ring is a great choice when shopping for the right engagement ring to make your proposal with. Vintage rings are very unique and are different from the repetitive styles of most engagement rings that are made today. They provide a beautiful, classy, and elegant appeal. No matter what stones and settings are used with a vintage engagement ring, it always seems to look great and more stylish than most modern engagement rings. There are many different styles of vintage engagement rings to choose from as well though. The styles will vary depending on the time period of the ring.

Popular Time Periods for Vintage Engagement Rings
There are certain time periods that vintage engagement rings with very innovative styles are attributed to. Take a look below to find out a little bit about all of the popular time periods for vintage engagement rings.

Early Victorian Years (1837-1901)
Anyone looking for a very visually appealing vintage engagement ring would likely go back to the older time period, which would be the early Victorian years. This era of vintage engagement rings is very popular because it is when diamond stones started becoming extremely common in the rings.

There are many diamond engagement rings from the early Victorian years, but a lot of the engagement rings from these years used sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones. Most of these ring bands were also made with yellow gold or silver. Vintage engagement rings that were made during the early Victorian years are difficult to find and they are highly desirable.

Edward Years (1901-1920)
This era of vintage engagement rings was recognized for the fact that the materials used with the ring bands were changed. Instead of the more common choice of yellow gold, platinum was used as the main material for engagement ring bands. Diamond stones were used as side gemstones for most of these rings. The prominent gemstone of choice was typically sapphire, ruby, and similar stones.

Art Deco (1920-1930)

During the Art Deco period, much advancement was made in the art jewelry world. Many vintage engagement rings that were made during the Art Deco years would feature weirdly unique designs. It was common for rings from this era to be shaped differently to the normal shape of engagement rings from years before and after this period.

Many engagement rings from the Art Deco period featured a boxy shape. It was common for these engagement ring bands to be made with platinum and to be set with various colourful gemstones.

Retro (1930-1980)
The vintage engagement rings that were made during this era are the easiest to find. There are many more rings that were produced during this time period. It was also the time frame where jewelry increased in popularity the most.

The materials used to make the rings during the Retro period were very important. Both yellow gold and rose gold had seen a tremendous growth in popularity. Many different types of gemstones were used in rings during this time period, but diamond stones became pretty standard for engagement rings.

How to Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring

It may be difficult to find a jewelry store in your area that sells vintage engagement rings. If you do happen to find one, there is a good chance that there will not be a large selection of them either. You could take a look in your area for vintage engagement rings, and possibly try finding a private owner with rings for sale on classifieds websites. If you have no luck with this, then you may want to consider looking to buy a vintage engagement ring online. You can find many auction listings for vintage engagement rings and there are some websites that have a selection of these types of rings for sale as well. Just make sure that you know the rings are authentic and really from the time period that is stated as that is what makes the ring so valuable and appealing.

A vintage engagement ring would be a great choice of ring to use to propose to that special someone in your life. It will feature a unique, classy, and elegant design that cannot be matched with most engagement rings that are made in today’s world.

If you want to find the right vintage engagement ring to buy then you should look into the specific styles based on time periods and find out which one appeals the most to you. To close, you should definitely take a look at the various selections of vintage engagement rings, as there are many designs and styles that you may really like.

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