Vintage Lockets

Lockets can hold our most precious memories of a husband, lover, child or close friend. They represent a secret place where women can keep what they hold most dear next to their hearts. Giving a locket as a gift may be one of the most cherished gift you can give. Lockets may be old fashioned but they are still much loved today. If you want to give a really special gift to a woman in your life you won’t find one that could be any better than a vintage locket. The most personal piece a jewelry a woman can wear is a locket. Lockets are like pendants that you wear on a chain only they can open up and reveal the contents. Most vintage lockets have a tiny hand painted picture inside. It was very common for women to place pictures of someone they loved inside of their lockets. Almost every woman who could afford one would wear a locket in those days. Vintage lockets make lovely gifts for any woman that you love.

Vintage lockets are uniquely beautiful pieces of jewelry that played a significant part in history and have withstood the test of time. Vintage lockets are highly collectible jewelry pieces. The Vintage lockets that a lot of women like to collect today come from a few different time areas. For example, the vintage lockets from the Victorian era are very, very popular with collectors. The Victorian era ranges from early Victorian to late Victorian and covers the time span from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. Lockets from this time period will have themes of romantic love, beautiful metals and gemstones. The Victorian era is the age when birthstones became popular. Wearing lockets and other symbols of love were very popular during this era. The people back in the Victorian era used lockets not only as a highly fashion jewelry, but also to store things in like a piece of human hair or other small heart felt mementos. Some women even kept small amounts of medicines in them. Things like herbs to ward off evil could also be kept inside a locket of that era. The heart locket was very fashionable back in the Victorian era and there are a lot of them still around from that time period. Vintage lockets back in those days were made with gemstones or pearls, ivory and the finest metals. Some of them had monogramming on them as well.

Another popular era for vintage lockets is the Art Nouvea period that came after the Victorian era. Vintage lockets from this time period will have romanticized female forms with long flowing hair on them. Vintage lockets from the Edwardian era, which caem after the Art Nouvea era are also popular. These lockets will have lots of diamonds and pearls on them. Then there is the retro era in the 1940s. The lockets from this era are bold, colorful and elaborate and were inspired by Hollywood. It is possible to find these lockets at estate sales as well as online. You will find them available in all price ranges, dependant upon who you are buying them from. The time period during the Great Depression was a time when the lockets were more conservative in style. You will also be able to find vintage lockets from the Art Deco time period. This is when costume jewelry became popular. The lockets from this era are heavier, bolder, brighter, and more geometric in design than those that came before this time. This was the age of the birth of jazz, mechanized art and women’s lib. Vintage lockets from this time period can have a more masculine look or playful to them.

If you are shopping for vintage lockets you will have lots of luck finding them online. There are several websites that specialize in vintage lockets. If you want the really old vintage lockets to collect, make sure you by from a reputable dealer so you will be assured of their authenticity.

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