Vintage Longines Watches

While any Swiss watch is something to be highly valued, there is nothing like vintage Longines watches when it comes to the perfect marriage of beauty and Swiss craftsmanship. Among the most beautifully crafted timepieces in the world for all time, these vintage watches are true collectors’ pieces. Whether you are looking for a ladies watch or a gentleman’s watch from days gone by, your search should begin and end with vintage Longines watches. Each watch will be priced according to the condition it is in, the materials and/or gems on the case or band, and of course the period in which it was manufactured. It goes without saying that the older the watch, the more costly it would be.

Longines 14k Gold Men’s Vintage Pocket Watch
Although the days of pocket watches and watch fobs have gone by the wayside, there are growing numbers of men who are drawn to this style of watch that was once a common part of everyday men’s fashion. Reminiscent of the days of rail travel, Longines 14k gold men’s gold pocket watches are the perfect gift for the man who seems to have everything. Some of these vintage timepieces have a silver dial with gold tone numerals as hour markers and gold tone hands.

Usually you will find a seconds sub-dial and these watches, as they are antiques, will have a Swiss manual wind movement. You will be certain it is an authentic Longines watch as the movement will be signed with Longines Watch Co Swiss. Each of these watches will have a serial number with the inside cover being engraved. Commonly a pocket watch from the early period will have 17 jewels. When you find a watch in pristine condition with few to no scratches on the crystal, you have found a treasure indeed!

Longines Ladies Vintage 18K Gold Bracelet Dress Watch
When looking for a vintage ladies Longines gold watch, there are a number of stunning bracelet style watches to be found with just a little searching. Most often the watch will be gold plated over stainless steel, but it is possible to find a vintage Longines gold watch that has an 18k gold watch bracelet. One of the most popular styles is a woven bracelet with a jewelry style clasp that is adjustable for a perfect fit. Also, many vintage Longines watches have a silver dial face with gold tone markers and hands. Even the oldest of these vintage manually wound watches keep perfect time as only a true Swiss watch can boast.

Look for a signed movement and an engraved inside of the back cover. Some of the more recent ‘vintage’ watches will have battery movements, but the other identifiers will be intact. Once you have seen a vintage ladies watch from Longines, you will see how this manufacturer influenced style from the very beginning. On the cutting edge of fashion, Longines Swiss watches were often ‘copied’ in terms of style. There just isn’t a way to copy Swiss precision clockworks, but the style quickly became a trend which watchmakers around the world emulated.

The true aficionado of vintage watches will have at least one Longines watch in his or her collection simply because they were on the cutting edge of trend for their time. Still in business today, since 1832, Longines continues to make precision Swiss watches. Even so, there really is nothing quite like a vintage Longines watch. Among the most stunning watches in the world, vintage Longines watches are worth every penny of the purchase price, and if you can find one of their rare collectibles, you have a treasure that will just continue to grow in value over time.

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