Vintage Pins

How many girls have gone through their mothers and grandmothers wardrobe and found vintage trinkets, brooches and pins and fell in love with them? I’d say a lot of them had the same experience. Vintage never goes out of fashion. This is true for both vintage clothing and accessories. Wearing vintage is a great way of looking like a classic diva, and one can never go wrong with a classic chic style.

However, truly vintage clothing and accessories can be hard to find, and it is often easy to overdo the vintage style. A better option to wear vintage is to incorporate a few pieces in the daily wardrobe. A great vintage item that looks good with almost any outfit is a vintage pin. Vintage pins are probably the most easily found traditional accessories (chances are you would find one in your mother’s jewelry box right now). These are small accessories that can be pinned to the clothing, and are usually smaller than brooches. If there’s not one at home, you would definitely find some really great pins at online stores these days. The prices of these pins may vary according to the style or materials used to make the pins.

Vintage pins come in a baffling variety of designs, shapes and sizes. From geometric shapes such as circles or squares, musical instruments, flowers and leaves or trees, to animals such as cats, fishes, horses or dogs, and insects – vintage pins can come in all kinds imaginable. Circular pins have long been common amongst the women in 60s, and are still worn by business women with their professional outfits – just to give them a flare of old-fashioned beauty.  Christmas-tree shaped pins are also very popular during the Christmas seasons and can be presented as a pretty little gift for the loved ones. Insects such as dragonflies and ladybirds are also found in many vintage pins. Other popular kinds of vintage pins include military pins in the shape of guns or flags that represents several periods in the history of war or other significant or glorious events of the past.

Not only does vintage pin vary in shapes and sizes, but they can also vary in the kind of material used. The most expensive pins are made of diamonds or Swarovski crystals set, perhaps, in a gold or platinum structure. Other precious stones such as rhinestones and pearls have been also been commonly used to create lovely pieces of vintage pins. Rhinestones are perhaps the most widely-used stone and can be found in many colors and sizes. Vintage pins not only accessorize a simple outfit, but can also add elegance to the ensemble if chosen tastefully. Small and beautiful floral pins encrusted with precious stones can make the women look graceful and feminine, whereas expensive designs can add sophistication. Cute pins such as those with kittens or cherries can add a delightful touch and make the women appear charming and pleasant.

Pins can be worn as high as the shoulders or somewhere in the middle, depending mainly on the kind of outfit worn. They are usually worn in jacket lapels, but can also look great on sweaters, hats or scarves, or even on wallets or handbags (of course, given that they can be pinned to the material).

Vintage pins can be a great way to add a classy look to your wardrobe. Beautiful and decorative vintage pins not only enhance your style, but also add a sparkle to your personality. So it is a wise decision for the fashion-conscious women to invest on traditional, vintage pins for their wardrobe.

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