Vintage Style Rings

Vintage is one of the hottest trends in fashion. From clothing to jewelry, vintage is all the rage. And when it comes to rings, the popularity of vintage is no exception. If you want to show off your great taste, you can do so by wearing a vintage style ring.

Celebrity Vintage Style Rings
To understand just how popular vintage style rings are, you have to look no farther than celebrities. Celebrities are always at the forefront of fashion trends, and many are currently wearing vintage style rings. For example, when True Blood star Stephen Moyer proposed to his co-star Anna Paquin on a Malibu beach, he did so with a vintage style ring.

Types of Vintage Style Rings
Vintage style rings come in all different shapes and sizes. To begin with, a vintage style ring can be made from sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Next, vintage style rings can incorporate a wide range of gems and stones. In addition to diamonds, a vintage style ring can feature onyx, tanzanite, sapphire or amethyst, just to name a few. And while some rings may only feature a diamond, or only feature a gem, many vintage style rings incorporate a gem and diamond accents into a single design.

The other area where the types of vintage style rings vary greatly is how the ring itself looks. A vintage style ring may be as simple as having the standard design of a band with a diamond or other gem mounted in it. However, a vintage style ring can also be as elaborate as the ring itself being designed as a beautiful flower.

Because there are so many different possibilities, you don’t have to worry abut being unable to find a vintage style ring that you like. Regardless of your taste when it comes to jewelry, there will be plenty of vintage style rings that appeal to you.

The Cost of Vintage Style Rings
As a result of the wide selection of vintage style rings that are available, a vintage style ring can cost as little as $25, or as much as several thousand dollars.

When it comes to determining your budget for purchasing a vintage style ring, the first consideration to make is what you are buying the ring for. Are you purchasing it as a ring you plan to accessorize with on a regular basis? Or are you purchasing it to give to your significant other as an engagement ring? While everyone’s situation is different, for most people, they would set a higher budget for a vintage style ring if they answered yes to the second question than if they answered yes to the first question.

For vintage style rings under $50, it’s important to understand that they are considered costume jewelry. Therefore, they are made with cubic zirconia accents, as opposed to real diamonds or gems. While most adults wouldn’t want to wear one of these rings on a regular basis, it can be a good choice to go with a costume, or to give to a younger girl who isn’t old enough to wear expensive jewelry yet.

For most vintage style rings that someone would buy for themselves, the typical price range is around $100-$300. And for someone who is buying a vintage style ring as an engagement ring, the price range can go from $500 to $2,500 or more. Among all of the design factors, the big cost determinant for vintage style rings at the upper end of the price scale will be the total carat weight of the diamonds that are included in the ring’s design.

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