Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is one of the most important purchases of a young couple’s life. This jewelry usually consists of the wedding bands and engagement ring. In order to understand the meaning and significance of wedding jewelry we need to look at its meaning in history.

The wedding ring has historically been placed on the fingers of brides and grooms for hundreds if not thousands of years to signify the joining of the two in matrimony. There are many different symbols that the wedding ring has stood for in history. The most significant is the unbroken circle that has long stood for undying or eternal love.

In early times, Pagans believed that the circle had many magical properties. They also believed that the circle is a sign of infinity as it is endless and timeless. It can also be a symbol of rebirth and reincarnation. Some ancient writers have stated that the nature of God is symbolized in a circle, so what better symbol to obtain blessings for the marriage of a woman and a man than to place a circle of precious metal on a finger to show reverence to their Deity. Pagans believed that there was a direct blood connection from the ring finger on the left hand directly to the heart so that is why the wedding band was first placed on that finger.

The placement of precious stones on wedding bands may have started as a symbol of bondage to another. There is a story in Greek mythology about Promethius who was being punished by Zeus for giving fire to humans. He was made to wear a chain with a large stone on the end of it for the rest of his days. There is belief that this myth may be the foundation by where wedding jewelry with precious stones started.

Other people in history may have felt that the placement of a wedding band on a woman’s finger was a way of a man showing ownership of her. However historians state that this is only part of the story. Wedding bands were placed on the woman’s finger to show that her future husband was able to give her something of worth. Husbands were expected to bring items of worth to the marriage to show they were worthy of their brides and their families.

Christianity then up the pagan symbol of the wedding ring as a symbol of love and fidelity. They have added it to the wedding ceremony that we know today. In Christianity, the wedding ring symbolizes one person giving their authority to the other person. It also binds them to the other person for the rest of their life according to the wedding ceremony. The wedding ring is also supposed to be a promise of never ending love for one another from that moment forward. These powerful symbols are just a small part to show how important the ceremony of marriage was in history and still is today.

Wedding jewelry has been used for hundreds of years to symbolize a very important day in our lives. Wedding bands or sets can be affordable or elaborate depending on what a couple wants to purchase. It can consist of a plain gold band or be an elaborate large diamond engagement ring with a matching diamond wedding band. Wedding jewelry can be purchased in both white and yellow gold. These sets can be purchased in rose gold, platinum, and tri-hills black gold as well.

These types of jewelry are a personal investment that will be cherished for the rest of a couple’s life. They will always have their wedding jewelry to look at in order to bring back memories of their special day. Wedding jewelry can be custom designed for those who want that one of a kind setting. There are other options available such as estate or antique jewelry for people who would like classic type settings that are not available in the market today. Loose diamonds can be purchased at wholesale diamond outlets for antique settings or custom settings can be designed for those couples who want to go that route for purchasing their wedding jewelry.

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