White Gold Charms

White gold charms are typically extremely beautiful accessories that come in various styles, and are most suited to the majority of white gold charm bracelets. By the simple fact that there are numerous styles and types of charms to choose from, this will enable you to determine the best match for your particular bracelet. Charms will generally come in different types of precious metal, which may include yellow gold, silver, platinum and of course white gold.

Potentially the most popular type of charm is the three-dimensional variety. As the name suggests, three-dimensional charms will typically have extremely detailed and intricate designs and are actually fairly similar to a miniature piece of art. You could actually say that they are tiny sculptures, and will come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This will range from heavy and solid objects, to hollow and lightweight.

Many white gold charms are also flat and two-dimensional. This variety of charm will typically take on the shape of a heart, square or circle. The two-dimensional white gold charms are often referred to as a disc charm and are the most popular type for engraving various messages, such as names or dates. You may also notice that a two-dimensional white gold charm will generally have an extremely ornate background and edges. Two-dimensional white gold charms are known for their durability, although they are relatively lightweight.

As mentioned, white gold charms are most suited to white gold charm bracelets. These are especially eye-catching and alluring items of jewelry, and are known for their beauty. There are certain cultures that believe white gold charm bracelets possess certain hidden powers, such as being able to ward off evil or bad luck. White gold charms and charm bracelets are known to be unique and extremely fashionable. They will never look out of place no matter what your style or fashion sense may be.

White gold charms are also known to be the perfect item of jewelry for those of you who typically suffer from allergies when wearing other precious metals. White gold is known to be passive and will therefore never react with the moisture of the skin, whereas, other types of gold and precious metals have been known to cause allergic reactions. Often, people may believe that there is actually no gold contained within the white metal simply because of its color. However, metal fillers are generally used to create white gold and therefore it is known to resemble silver rather than gold. White Gold is also known to contain nickel and those of you who are potentially allergic to nickel should take note.

White gold charms and charm bracelets are perfect for those of you on a budget. You are literally able to enjoy the beauty of Platinum without having to worry about the high costs of this precious metal. White gold is also known to be extremely classy and sophisticated with a fairly similar look to Platinum, and can quite obviously be differentiated from silver. White gold is typically made from yellow gold that has been mixed with a white metal such as silver or palladium. The measurements of gold quality are fairly similar to that of pure gold, although whereas 24 carat gold is pure gold, 24 carat white gold will not be made from pure silver.

Two of the most popular white gold standards for producing white gold charms are 18 carat gold which will contain 75% gold, and also 14 carat white gold. This combination of gold’s will occasionally result in a pale yellow colored metal. This is then coated in rhodium which will produce the white color that is known to be extremely similar to Platinum. This additional coating will also make white gold far stronger, although the coating process should be repeated every few years in order to maintain the polished look.

White gold charms have become fairly iconic amongst world-weary travelers. There are various tourist stops that offer charms in the style and shape of popular tourist attractions. These include white gold charms of the Eiffel Tower from Paris, or a double-decker bus from London. White Gold charms and charm bracelets had a surge in popularity during the mid-20th-century, and have once again proved to be extremely popular in recent times. White Gold charms and charm bracelets have often been used as a personalized gift. Many people choose to create their own designs that will typically have some kind of meaning for a loved one for whom they are purchasing it. White Gold charms are most commonly bought and gifted to adolescent teens.

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