White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant

White gold diamond heart pendants are very popular jewelry pieces, particularly for those searching for gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. Diamonds, particularly when set in heart settings, make the perfect romantic gift for those looking for a way to express their love. Most all women love diamonds and the heart shaped pendant just makes the necklace even more special. Pendants typically have embellishments in the metal work in addition to one or more diamonds. White gold is the perfect choice for those looking to stay within their budget while purchasing a quality product. Like platinum, white gold is silver in color and is perfect for those who do not like the yellow color of natural gold. Unlike platinum however, white gold is very affordable for most buyers. Platinum is a much harder and more durable metal and is typically much more expensive than gold.

When choosing your white gold diamond heart pendant, you will need to determine the size, cut and quality of the diamond that you want. You need to determine the design of the pendant meaning you should choose whether you want one solitaire diamond or several smaller stones. There are typically two different designs for diamond heart pendants. The traditional design is a single solitary colorless diamond placed in the center of the heart. Newer designs however feature differently colored diamonds and may include other gemstones as well. When choosing the diamond pendant you should keep in mind the 4 Cs of diamond purchasing. These are the cut of the stone, the carat weight of the diamond, the color of the diamond and the clarity.

There are many choices with regards to diamond cuts in white gold diamond heart pendants. Popular choices include round, marquis and princess cuts. The carat weight will be a very important factor in determining your cost for the necklace. The larger the diamond, the more it will cost. You can also choose several smaller diamonds instead of a larger center stone. This will lower your cost a bit and still produces a beautiful piece. Color is also a major determining factor and will affect not only the cost of the piece but the look as well. Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, although white or colorless is the most popularly chosen. The clarity is the main determining factor in the cost of your pendant. Lower clarity diamonds are less expensive but not nearly as brilliant and attractive as those that do not have inclusions or imperfections. Be sure to check the clarity when you purchase. Hold the diamonds up toward the light and ensure that they capture the light and sparkle.

You can purchase a white gold diamond heart pendant at your local jewelers or online at a variety of quality and reputable websites. Be certain that you purchase from a dealer that you trust to deliver a quality product. You want to be sure that you are actually receiving real diamonds and real white gold and not simply a plated metal with glass stones. Check the content of gold on the necklace that you purchase. To ensure that it is really white gold you can simply look on the back of the pendant for the carat weight. You should keep in mind that white gold, while it does contain real gold, also has other metals included. Natural gold is yellow in color. In order to obtain the white or silver color, other metals are combined with natural gold. Also, yellow gold in its most natural state is simply too soft to produce quality jewelry products. While white gold does contain real gold, it is much harder and therefore much more durable than pure gold. It is typically mixed with palladium or nickel in order to produce the color.

White gold is a very popular choice today for diamond heart pendants. Choosing carefully and purchasing from a reputable dealer will ensure that you receive a white gold diamond heart pendant that will last you for many years.

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