White Gold Promise Rings

Promise rings are rings which might be given and worn as a prelude to becoming engaged. Whenever a couple is committed to each other the man can offer a white gold promise ring and when the woman accepts it the promise ring will show that they plan to spend the rest of their lives to each other. The couple can exchange white gold promise rings to show their commitment, dedication and devotion for their love. Quite simply, it is a white gold promise ring is a precious ring that precedes an engagement ring. The giver and recipient pledge their commitment to one another by wearing a promise ring. There are several designs and styles of to choose from. The majority of the styles today have the heart symbol which usually means that the couple’s hearts are given to the other person. Traditionally, only the woman wore promise rings. Nevertheless, everything has changed these days and now there are a lot of men who will wear promise rings. The man’s ring won’t be as fancy as the ones worn by women though.

White gold promise rings are extremely popular, especially for those on a limited budget. Like gold, white gold is likewise measured in carats. The ideal carat for making a white gold promise ring is 18 carat. White gold is a gold metal combined with palladium. A14 carat white gold promise ring will not possess the enough strength to hold precious stones so if you want to get one with a stone in it you should go for the 18 carat white gold band. White gold happens to be the consequence of an alloy that is added with a white metal. This metal may well be palladium or nickel and this gives it the white and slight yellow tinge to it.

Promise rings are usually worn the ring finger of the left hand and is replaced by the official engagement ring. Once the woman is officially engaged and has been given her engagement ring, the promise ring is usually placed on the ring finger of the right hand.

When shopping for a promise ring you will have a choice of metals to choose from. Whether you choose a white or yellow gold promise ring or even a diamond promise ring, it will quickly become the one piece of jewelry you’ll treasure forever. If you are wondering what the distinction is between a promise ring and engagement ring, it is the intent of the giver. When one gives a promise ring it doesn’t promise you will marry the person. Rather, it is a commitment of love with the intention that at some time in the future the idea of marriage to that person is a possibility. In the meantime, it shows the devotion of the couple to one another for the time being.

Giving white gold promise rings to someone can represent a number of things as well. Predominately it seems that it means a commitment between young couples. However, you can buy a white gold promise ring for your self as a reminder of a promise of sexual abstinence until marriage. Some people wear them for religious promises. Others give them as friendship rings exchanged between two friends.

A white gold promise ring will not very easily corrode or tarnish and is rust-free however with constant use it may appear dull as time pass. To care for a white gold promise ring just wash it with warm water and a detergent free soap. If it has as tone in it you can use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to clean it. Just don’t use harsh chemicals to clean it. The nicest thing about white gold is that it exudes elegance. Another benefit of white gold over yellow gold is that it is more affordable. When money is a factor it is actually better to go for the white gold promise rings as they are less expensive. It is a sure bet your loved one will cherish her white gold promise ring.

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