White Gold Snake Chain

Just as the name would imply, a snake chain is a series of links laid side by side that form a bendable tube, the finished product resembling a snake. Unlike traditional chains that join the links one to the other, a snake chain is more like a series of cups that form the pliable tube. This type of chain is perfect for a pendant or a solitaire in that there are no ‘links’ for the pendent or stone to snag on – it will always drop down center front from the weight on a smooth tubular chain. Snake chains, for this same reason, make wonderful bracelets for charms or ankle bracelets that won’t easily snag hose or clothing.

Typical Snake Chain Necklace Lengths

When looking for a white gold snake chain to wear as a necklace, there are a variety of lengths that should be considered. For instance, if a single solitaire pearl is going to be worn, a 16” choker length is ideal which lets the pearl fall roughly just above the collar bone. A 17” to 18” length would be right at the collar bone and from there a snake chain becomes more like a necklace and less like a choker. The typical pendant lengths are approximately 20” which falls just below the collar bone and 22”, or at the neckline of most blouses. Snake chains that are 24” to 26” come to the bust line, 30” just below the bust line and for those trendy statement pieces that are fashionable at the moment there are 36” white gold snake chains that fall to the navel, or just above.

10k, 14k and 18k White Gold Snake Chains
White gold snake chains are available in various weights which would include 10k, 14k and 18k, with 10k being the least expensive and of course 18k costing the most. Depending on the length of the chain, cost will go up and down accordingly. For instance, it may be possible to get a 26” 10k white gold snake chain for the same price as you would pay for a 16” 18k gold chain. Price is determined by the total amount of gold in most cases, so if you are looking for a longer white gold snake chain it may be more practical to look for 10k or 14k gold. If you are looking for a choker length in 16” to 18” then 18k white gold would yield a better quality necklace.

Weight Determines Color of White Gold Snake Chains

Also, you need to consider whether or not other pieces of jewelry will be forming a set because the alloy in white gold determines the exact level of ‘whiteness.’ If you are wearing 18k white gold earrings, rings and bracelets, a 10k white gold snake chain pendant would vary to some degree in color. Some individuals may not be sensitive to the difference in color while others will notice it immediately. A connoisseur of white gold will notice the visible difference at first glance every time.

Snake chains make the perfect necklace for pendants or bracelet for charms because of their ‘tubular’ construction. If the charm or pendant being held has a bail that is white gold, the snake chain should likewise be fashioned in white gold of a comparable weight. While yellow gold matches most gems and settings, white gold is universal in that it literally complements any color and any style of jewelry or fashion. There isn’t a gemstone, precious or semi precious that can’t be worn with white gold and a snake chain would ensure that the gem, charm or pendant always falls center forward to hang in just the right spot without snagging along the way.

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