White Gold Wedding Band

As you might know, white gold is currently among the most fashionable and sought after metals, and it’s used in all types of jewelry you can imagine… including wedding specific jewelry, such as engagement rings and of course, wedding bands, which are the focus of this article. A wedding band (commonly known as wedding ring) is the kind of investment that you’ll normally make just once in a lifetime, so if you want to show the soon to be wife how much she means to you, you should get the very best wedding rings you can afford. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong choosing a white gold wedding band.

White gold is extremely popular nowadays, for its sophisticated and brilliant look. In case you’re not familiar with it, this type of material is devised by alloying pure gold with other elements such as nickel or manganese. The resulting alloy will have a level of purity which is given in carats, very much like gold. White gold usually has 90% pure gold, and the alloyed element is added to enhance the properties of gold, asides from providing a unique hue. Wedding bands made of white gold are usually devised through alloying gold with nickel, since this combination is considerably harder and stronger than pure gold; as such, it’s ideal to make wedding rings, which are meant to last for a lifetime.

Those are essentially the two main reasons why white gold is such a popular material in wedding bands, nowadays. Asides from looking quite distinctive and beautiful, white gold is considerably more resistant to damage than pure gold, and it will maintain its impeccable look for many more years that gold would. As such, many couples make a point of getting white gold wedding bands these days, since they are aware of these advantages.

If you’re worried about choosing the right wedding bands made of white gold, you should know it’s actually simpler than it sounds. Even though there is a wide diversity of designs available, you should always pick the design that feels best suited to you and your spouse. In fact, we always recommend that shopping for a white gold wedding band is something the couple should do together, since the wedding bands are the most iconic representation of the matrimony, with both husband and wife will carry in their finger for the rest of their lives. As such, it’s extremely important choosing a design that both bride and groom are fond of; there’s no need to rush this decision, and you should spend as long as it takes until you find wedding bands that feel just right.

In case you’re wondering, there are several distinctive designs which are common in white gold wedding bands. Asides from the widely known, plain looking wedding bands, there are more intricate designs and finishes; such as the braided wedding band, the Celtic knot, paisley design or the roman design, all of which are noticeably intricate. These are the kind of designs you should look for, if you want a wedding ring that looks unique and features a complex texture. You can see examples of each type of ring by looking at the selection of rings we have gathered in this website.

If you’re looking for a middle ground between these intricate types of ring and a simple white gold wedding band, you should look for the so-called “hammered” surface, which has a nice but plain texture, as well as the brushed center wedding band which also looks remarkably elegant despite being relatively simple in design. There are also many other contemporary designs available, which are usually plain looking and noticeably sophisticated. A good example would be the square wedding ring, which is a very popular type of wedding band, this year.

Just remember, you shouldn’t choose a white gold wedding band because you want to conform to the latest fashion trends. This is a piece of jewelry that is meant to accompany you for a lifetime, so you should pick something that both you and your spouse can relate with.  This is a very personal and meaningful decision, and it’s one that should not be rushed through, even if you’re not particularly excited about jewelry. It’s more than just a band, after all: it’s a symbol of your matrimony, and it will become a part of you, in the same way as your spouse will.

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