Yellow Gold Ankle Bracelets

Anklets can be fashioned from any material or metal, but are most popular in yellow gold, and have only become popular in the Western World since the 20th century. Ankle bracelets, however, have been worn in other cultures around the world for thousands of years, and in some places they are even part of traditional religious or wedding ceremonies. Because yellow gold ankle bracelets have become so fashionable in recent years, there is a tremendous assortment of styles to choose from.

Ankle Bracelets in History
Historians date the earliest ankle bracelets back as far as 1800 B.C. from the Bronze Age, mostly in parts of Eastern Europe, although artifacts have been found in other parts of Eurasia as well. For centuries now, ankle bracelets have been worn by Arab women and in India the ankle bracelet is actually part of the wedding ceremony as is the sari. Anklets are then worn by married Indian women as a sign of their marital status.

Yellow Gold Ankle Bracelets with Toe Rings
In Eastern cultures, the ankle bracelet is often worn with a toe ring attached by a gold chain running between the two. The ankle bracelet may have charms dangling from them or stones set between lengths of chain and there may even be several strands of gold chain between larger stones. Although this has been a trend in the East for countless centuries, it is becoming more and more fashionable in the West, especially in warm summer months when sandals are worn.

Types of Chains for Ankle Bracelets
Most often an ankle bracelet, when worn with charms, will be fashioned from a simple cable chain. The thickness can be from a medium chain to a heavier chain, but if charms are to be worn then very fine chains are not suggested for obvious reasons. Many women who don’t want to add embellishments will choose chains such as Byzantine, Figaro, Foxtail, Herringbone, Mariner, Rope, Serpentine, Singapore and even snake. As a matter of fact, in today’s pop culture it is even acceptable for men to wear heavy gold ankle bracelets as well!

Charms for Yellow Gold Ankle Bracelets
When looking for a charm for an ankle bracelet it is best to stick with smaller, less cumbersome charms. One of the reasons for this is because bigger, heavier charms tend to get snagged on things when walking which can snap even a heavier gold chain at the clasp. Large dangling charms work well when worn on the wrist because it is immediately ‘felt’ should the charm come loose, but on an anklet it is much harder to detect. Charms can be set with precious, semi precious or synthetic stones, and some are simply crafted from gold. In fact, it is common to see white gold, rose gold and platinum charms worn with yellow gold ankle bracelets.

Unusual Ankle Bracelets
While there are so many ankle bracelets to choose from, sometimes you are looking for something that is unique or unusual by popular standards. Some of the more ‘unusual’ yellow gold ankle bracelets, at least in the United States, would be Irish Claddagh Anklets and Indian yellow gold ankle bracelets with attached toe rings. Both are quite popular in their respective countries of origin but they are quite unusual in other places. It’s always nice to have a piece of jewelry that stands out from what others are wearing.

Yellow gold ankle bracelets are the best choice for a number of reasons. While sterling silver may be less expensive, it also tends to tarnish quite easily. Also, yellow gold is always a better metal because it has more intrinsic value and will gain greater value over time. Whether looking for an ankle bracelet for yourself or as a gift for another, there are truly beautiful styles to choose from.

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