Yellow Gold Round Pendant

When it comes to round pendants, no metal is favored more than yellow gold. Throughout the decades anything from religious medals to lovely period pieces have been fashioned out of yellow gold both for its beauty and for what gold is symbolic of. Of all the things that gold stands for, most often it is symbolic of justice, strength, power and perfection. Ancient peoples thought of gold as an equalizing/balancing power and gold is quite commonly, across cultures, associated with aging and wisdom. Of all the gold jewelry in the world, throughout all time, yellow gold round pendants have been most treasured.

Yellow Gold Round Religious Medallions

While religious medals aren’t as common as they were even a generation ago, they are still most often fashioned from yellow gold round pendants. There is something about the circle standing for eternity, and the saint engraved on the medal as being a protector or guardian. Christianity isn’t the only religion to use round medals, but they are the most well known. Other world religions have their symbols inscribed as well. The Jewish faith often has a Star of David within the round medallion and Buddhists often wear a yellow gold round pendant with the Buddha raised on it. However, of all religious round pendants, the face of Christ with the crown of thorns is by far the most popular.

Simple Yellow Gold Round Pendants
Quite often a simple round gold pendant is worn with a gold chain around the neck. Some people like to have monograms engraved on them while others choose to wear one with a single offset precious stone. These necklaces are often given as an engagement or wedding present, while other times they are used in place of a ‘promise ring.’ Once the couple is married, the date of the wedding is engraved on the pendant. Simple yellow gold round pendants are anything but ‘simple’ because there are so many things that the wearer can have engraved on it, and there are so many meanings that can come along with the gift. Because the circle stands for eternity, the implicit meaning is that ‘our love is forever.’

Pave Yellow Gold Round Pendants

Probably the most famous jewelry designer to make pave yellow gold round pendants trendy is Hidalgo. These exquisite pave pendants are often fashioned in 14k or 18k gold with enamel and diamonds set in pave style. The gems are so close together that the metal can’t be seen through, but the brilliance of the gems shine with remarkable brilliance. That’s the purpose of pave settings, and although they can be set in any of the white metals, there is something about yellow gold that adds to the allure. Other designers use pave, but most are not as artistic as Hidalgo who gave the fashion a whole new appeal with is artistic flare and use of other mediums such as enamel when fashioning gold jewelry.

Although gold is one of the cardinal precious metals, it isn’t always the price or rarity that makes it the perfect medium for fashioning jewelry with. It is the way we view gold as being something above and beyond the mundane day to day world we live in. When something is beyond reproach we say it is ‘pure gold,’ and when we think of warmth and security we think of ‘golden sunshine.’ There are so many layers upon layers of meaning in our concept of gold that it is always a perfect metal to fashion any piece of jewelry with, especially a yellow gold round pendant that stands for eternity, perfection, wisdom and justice.

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