Pearl Rings

Pearl Cluster Rings

Pearls are most noted for their use in necklaces and earrings, although they are also used to produce some of the most beautiful and eye-catching rings. There is a wide variety of pearl rings which include solitaires, cocktail rings, engagement rings and cluster rings. Pearl cluster rings are known to be extremely popular and often […]

8mm Pearl Rings

Pearls are considered to be among the most elegant of precious stones. It might not have the dazzling color of deep blue sapphires, or the sparkling characteristics of diamonds, but its glassy polished sheen and smooth surface makes it look very sophisticated in jewelry such as rings, tops, and necklaces. The only gem produced by […]

Mabe Pearl Rings

Although mabe pearls do grow occasionally in nature they are most often cultured because they grow against the inside of the shell of the oyster instead of within the tissue. It is a rather detailed process through which they are cultured and harvested, but the result is one of the most lustrous pearls to be […]

Freshwater Pearl Rings

Freshwater pearls are harvested from mussels and come from fresh water sources. Natural pearls are created without the help from man in both fresh and salt water environments. They are known to be semi-precious stones and rare. This increases their value on the retail market and therefore considered to be out of reach for a […]

Chinese Pearl Rings

Over 66% of pearls produced in the world come from Chinese companies. These companies produce 24 tons of pearls each year. China is relatively new to pearl production, what is now known as the Chinese pearl is the Akoya pearl. Akoya pearls come from the oyster Pinctada Fucata. The name “Akoya” is Japanese for “saltwater”. […]

Silver Pearl Heart Rings

Rings are a woman’s all time favorite accessories. It is hard to find a woman who does not own a couple of rings to adorn her beautiful fingers. Gold, white gold or silver, rings are always on demand by stylish women all around the world. The heart shape is perhaps one of the most common […]

Akoya Pearl Rings

If you are shopping for a pearl ring, consider choosing an Akoya pearl ring. Akoya pearls are some of the finest and most beautiful pearls in the world. Mostly cultured in China and Japan, these pearls are formed in the Akoya oyster, whose technical name is pinctada fucata martensii. These pearls are usually a shade […]

Black pearl rings

Pearl jewelry is gaining a lot of popularity these days. As a matter of fact, it has now become one of the most requested types of jewelry. With different sizes, designs and colors of pearls available, you will surely find the pearl ring that you are looking for without having to look too hard. Of […]

Pearl Promise Rings

If you are looking into getting a pearl promise ring, you have come to the right place. We offer unbiased advice and compare the best deals on the market, so that you don’t have to spend hours scanning through the internet yourself. A promise ring is something that two people agree to, when they commit […]