Bangle Bracelets

When it comes to popular fashion accessories, bangle bracelets are at the top of the list. From singers Rihanna and Ke$ha to Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew, famous fashionable ladies love rocking unique bangle bracelets.

What has made bangle bracelets such a popular fashion trend? Fashion is all about being unique, and bangle bracelets make it easy to accessorize in a unique way. Whether it’s Sarah Drew wearing vintage bangle bracelets, Rihanna sporting multi-colored bangle bracelets or Ke$ha wearing an edgy spiked bangle bracelet, there are so many different kinds of bangle bracelets that it allows fashionistas like you to accessorize in a way that matches your unique personality and style.

What are the Different Styles of Bangle Bracelets?
Because there are so many different kinds of bangle bracelets, it’s easiest to break down the different characteristics and options that are available.

The first differentiating factor between bangle bracelets is the type of metal they are made from. Less expensive bangle bracelets are generally copper, silver or gold plated. On the higher end of the price scale, bangle bracelets will be fully made from silver, gold or platinum.

The next factor that sets bangle bracelets apart is how many are worn at once. Depending on the specific bracelet(s), a bracelet may be sold by itself, with a handful of bracelets, or in a set of twelve or more bracelets. Because there are no set rules when it comes to wearing bangle bracelets, one of the fun things about wearing them is that you can choose how many you want to wear at once, as well as mixing and matching different bangle bracelets for a truly unique look.

These bracelets are also differentiated by whether or not they include gems in their deigns. Bangle bracelets can have no gems, have gems embedded into the bracelet itself, or have gems that dangle from the bracelet in a charm manner. Some bracelets will also have just one type of gem, while others will create a funky look by using multiple gems in a design.

How Much Do Bangle Bracelets Cost?
Depending on what the bracelet is made of, how many are included together, and whether or not it has gems in its design, bangle bracelets can cost less than $10, and go all the way up to costing thousands of dollars for a single bracelet.

You can find lots of great bangle bracelets that cost less than $50. In this price range, you can expect to find bracelets that are plated, and may or may not contain non-precious gems.

In the $100-$500 range, you will find more bracelets that are fully made from silver, gold or platinum. Many of the bangle bracelets in this price range will also have precious gems.

Above $500 and into the range of thousands of dollars, you will find top of the line bangle bracelets made from platinum or 18k gold, as well as designs that commonly feature diamonds.

Are Bangle Bracelets Available to Purchase Online?

Absolutely. The Internet is actually a great place to shop for bangle bracelets. Not only can you easily browse a very wide selection of bangle bracelets online, but in many cases, you can also read reviews from other customers. Reading customer reviews can be very helpful when you are deciding whether or not a specific bangle bracelet is right for you. And if you are looking for a specific style of bangle bracelets, being able to perform online searches is very useful.

Additionally, you can find good deals when you shop online. Not only are sales available online, but you will also find that many online retailers will offer you free shipping on your order.

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