Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are also called carbonado and they date back billions of years to mediaeval times. They are known to be extremely rare and are difficult to cut. They are immensely popular and have traditionally been used as a setting for men’s rings. Black diamonds are believed to have pushed their way to the Earth’s […]

Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are typically purchased by individuals who wish to customize their own specific jewelry by color, cut, clarity and carat. Loose diamonds are generally classified according to the actual cut and can be used in various types of jewelry including rings, earrings and pendants. There are up to 10 different cuts of loose diamonds, […]

Pear Shaped Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girls’ best friend?and why not? These glittering stones are millions of years old, go through rigorous cleaning, cutting and polishing and are inspected by the top jewelers in the world before being sold as loose stones or incorporated into a piece of jewelry. Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love, […]

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The cut of a diamond is exactly what determines its splendor and shine. A well-cut diamond is going to take full advantage of certain pavilion angles with finely-detailed cuts which will brilliantly reflect light off the surface of the diamond. This is what gives it the tell-tale sign of a quality cut diamond. A poorly […]

Solitaire Loose Diamonds

Whether you’re looking to propose to a loved one, give your companion a very special gift or you’re simply buying something for you, buying solitaire loose diamonds is a great idea. In short, a solitaire loose diamond is a diamond set on its own. When you buy a solitaire loose diamond, you get the diamond, […]

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are natural diamonds with a yellow tone or chemically treated diamonds that were synthesized to achieve the yellow tone. Natural yellow diamonds are not very common. They are the result of nitrogen differences occurring during the formation of the diamond. So, most have the yellow diamonds and yellow diamond jewelry that you find […]